All New Salon

With the great success of the Townie, we knew we needed a new knit and 3D printed shoe that would take us through the colder months.

So, we created The Salon by OESH, a luxurious knitted clog.

The springy 3D printed sole and heel piece support your natural gait and keep the Salon secure on your foot. The stretchy cotton knit upper molds to the shape of your foot, and the thick natural wool insole adds warmth. Wear with or without socks.

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The Salon is perfect to throw on when you are on your way in or out the door. Wear to the pub on a cold winter night or relax at home on the hearth of a crackling fire.

Salon with trees

The name Salon comes from a rich history of women hosting gatherings of artists and intellectuals in their homes. These gatherings inspired ideas and conversation, and promoted collaboration and support for projects within high society. It is also a nod to our community hair salons where many ideas and conversations are also shared today.

Just like all our 3D Printed footwear, the Salon is made on-demand, entirely in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is currently available in all woman’s sizes in the colorway Pebble, a mix of black and light grey. Keep an eye out for more colorways coming soon!

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