Newly Upgraded: the Dream Flat by OESH

Happy 2020, OESHers!


In the Summer of 2018 we introduced the Dream flat- Dr. Kerrigan’s dream of a healthy women’s dress shoe. Since then, we have been listening to OESHers, wear testing, and researching the latest fabrication technologies.  We have been working hard to make the Dream flat better than ever. Finally, we are able to introduce the new and improved, upgraded Dream Flat- available for preorder now.


Preorder the Newly Updated Dream Flat

Working closely with our overseas manufacturers, Casey visited cutting edge factories using the latest in knitting technology, and continued to develop the Dream design. Taking advantage of an innovative new way of machine knitting, we were able to get the toe and heel of the new Dream flat more comfortable, while still staying secure on your foot. With this new way of knitting, we were also able to take out all the seams for maximum sock-like comfort.

Our patented flat and springy Dream sole is exactly the same, and we are releasing your two favorite colorways first- Essential Black and Heather Grey.

The newly upgraded Dream flat will be available in more US women’s sizes, from 5-12, for the perfect fit.  We expect to start shipping preorders in late February, so order yours today to secure your spot in the priority queue!

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