Monthly Archives: December 2011

Women who rock

We are taking a family vacation in Cleveland, Ohio, birthplace of Bob (huge Cleveland Browns fan) and home to the Sheffler-Megerians of Shaker Heights, who we are visiting. Lynne Sheffler, a physiatrist at Case Western Reserve University (see What is … Continue reading

May all your Christmas dreams come true

For Marcia, they certainly did (inside our compost bin). Thank-you so much for a wonderful first year…and we cannot wait to get started on year number two for you next week. Onward!  

Could this be Rudolph?

When asked at school this week to recall a memorable moment, our middle daughter Kellyn wrote about this one. In hindsight, I think it was more magical than memorable. A couple years ago, as Kellyn and I were running through … Continue reading

Flat feet and OESH

More than likely, if you have flat feet, you’ve been told more than once that you need shoes with arch or motion control support. You’ve also probably been told you need to wear arch inserts or orthotics, either custom-made or … Continue reading

UVa Engineering at OESH

This academic year, a class of fourth year undergraduate mechanical engineering students from the University of Virginia (UVa) that I have been mentoring, has been studying and implementing ways to increase the production of the OESH cantilevers. They have been … Continue reading

Runner’s World reviews OESH…”they’re crazy comfortable”

Lisa Jhung of Boulder, Colorado writes a crisp and pithy blog for Runner’s World entitled SHOES & GEAR. If you enjoy an on-point and candid analysis of footwear, Lisa’s blog is the one you should read. Given her years of … Continue reading