Runner’s World Magazine shows love to OESH–Doesn’t everyone’s basement have a chop saw?

The April 2012 issue of Runner’s World brings OESH to their massive audience with both a photo of Casey AND a two paragraph note. The picture was taken back in the days before the factory…this is the chop saw in our basement that Casey used to cut those prototype cantilevers. On page 84, under the heading of A SHOE THING and the sub-heading of Doctor’s Orders, RW printed up this photo from 2010 of Casey and a few of the earliest carbon fiber cantilevers (text follows):

After 20 years of doing laboratory gait studies, CASEY KERRIGAN, M.D., was frustrated that she still could not recommend shoes that would relieve her patients’ aches. So Kerrigan, who practiced physical medicine and rehabilitation, took matters into her own hands. She designed OESH (shoe inverted and spelled from inside out), a shoe with carbon-fiber cantilevers in the midsole that, according to its Web site, compress and release “in perfect physiologic tune with how the body works.”

Dr. Kerrigan gave up her practice last year to manufacture the Oesh near her Virginia home. “I don’t miss what I was doing,” she says. “In fact, when customers come in and try on a pair of shoes at the factory, it’s just like seeing patients.”

We really love the fact that writer Nicole Falcone took the care to not lump us into the same mix as the crowded minimalist-type running footwear group. As appreciative as we are of this wonderful magazine mention and placement, we’re not those guys at all. OESH is serving a far larger audience with a more substantial need, and it’s a blast to stick to our knitting, enjoy the awesome publicity coming our way, and know that all this adds up to more and more of you wearing OESH. Thanks again, RW!

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