Celebrity Endorser keeps busting out via OESH trainers

OESH Celebrity Endorser™ Kellyn Kusyk completed a magnificent freshman cross-country season at Charlottesville High School. As you can see here, this dude is trying to somehow catch up with her. Good luck with that, Fido.







Kellyn made the All-Central Virginia Cross Country Team (she is the cool kid in her orange uniform, below), was voted the Most Valuable Black Knight on her own team, and finished the year with a bang as one of the top freshman runners in Virginia with a 20:26 performance at the Regions in her season finale.

Then on Friday night she kicked off her first indoor season with a 5:43 1600m.

Kellyn trains exclusively in OESH…in fact, before her shoe size was big enough for OESH, Kellyn endured a stress fracture as a middle-schooler. When wearing OESH, the fracture disappeared. Hmmm…How about that?…there’s that wacky “relationship” between science and medicine rearing its head again! So yes, we see the power of OESH front and center here at hq. In fact, at the Official OESH Dinner Table.

Go Kellyn Go!







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