Happy New Year 2013!!!

Nothing like a big, chubby baby to ring in the New Year:









We really could not be more enthused as 2013 begins. The factory here in Charlottesville, Virginia is set to enhance its already significant manufacturing profile, committed to our founding dedication to a world-class standard. In a few months, OESH production will swiftly announce itself even more a mecca for sophisticated Computer Aided Manufacturing and seamlessly combine the best of international inputs, all here in our USA facility. We aim to have OESH known as the finest footwear product available for your long-term enjoyment and long-term health–facets we believe are inextricably joined in a complete shoe experience…s-h-o-e is going to be even more O-E-S-H as 2013 moves ever onward.

Thanks for being on board for the ride!

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