OESH and The New York Times

According to Wikipedia, “The Old Gray Lady” is a nickname for The New York Times newspaper, referring to its historical tendency to present a higher-than-usual proportion of text to graphics.

The Times still has an unmatched stature (despite well-publicized circulation travails in recent years), and you have to love their now fast-growing motto: All the News That’s Fit to Click.

As such, we were greatly flattered when OESHer Liz Benedict of New York City sent us this email today:

From: EBenedict
Sent: Friday, January 04, 2013 9:38 AM
To: Robert Kusyk
Subject: plug for yr shoes
I just wrote this reader comment in the NYT about your shoes, which the Times decided to run.  If you sell a billion pair, you can thank me with a new pair. They took some getting used to & haven’t solved all my problems (dammit!) BUT are terrific!
Many thanks.


The story is here, with Liz’ awesome comment following, as well as below:

I found these amazing shoes (with several different models) after foot surgery that led to a painful Morton’s Neuroma on the ball of my foot. I think many people wear them for a variety of foot ailments. You can return them if you need to. Created by a woman doctor who studied gait at Un. Virginia: oeshshoes.com — (I have no financial interest in this co – don’t know her or anyone else associated with it!) I also wear Crocs when in the house.

NO ONE is cooler than our OESHers!!! Thanks so much Liz–and we are so very happy we’ve been able to help you, too!



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