OESH Sells Out! Lizard 10s join Classic 10s, 11s, & Licorice 10s as official Collector’s Items

On the march with OESH in 2013! The final pair of size 10 Lizard shoes just sold out. We appreciate all of you size 10ers who made this happen!

As we noted a few weeks ago, a new batch of OESH are deep into the queue to be manufactured and made available to you during the next few months. It’s truly amazing we have had the demand to be out of stock in an entire size, but that only makes us more focused on perfecting this beautiful new style when we are able to launch the new OESH.

In the meanwhile, we’d suggest you try any of the 7 (3 Suede and 4 Athletic) size 10 Sandals we have available, or perhaps the fit in our size 9.5 Classic or Lizard. Frankly, it’s challenging to meet the demand you’ve given us, but we’ll keep working as hard as we can to get you these newest OESH as soon as possible. Thanks!

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