OESH Sells Out! Twice! Lizard 8.5s & 9s join Lizard 7s, 10s, and 11s as official Collector’s Items

In central Virginia at this time of the year, we see plenty of lizards scurrying about. And it certainly defines the way our business demand is flowing–the movement of Lizards, that is. With a one-two punch, we recently saw the final pairs of our Lizard 8.5s and 9s go onto the feet of some very fortunate OESHers. Though most say this time of year is supposed to be the slowwww season of footwear sales, OESHers don’t want to hear it–as we say good-bye to these Lizards, the demand for our new La Vida shoes continues to blow us away. This little fella doesn’t seem to be surprised at the demand for OESH–and frankly, given your comments on these LV white sands, we aren’t surprised either.

Off we go to make more.

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