Squash and OESH’s La Vida: SQOESH Shoes?

This summer, our daughters and I have been playing squash. Of course we’ve all been running too (lifelong commitment / cross-country workouts for the girls) but the idea of throwing squash into the mix came to us when the University of Virginia invested $12.4 million on a new indoor squash court facility that is practically in our back yard. How could we resist? No reservations are needed (at least for now), it’s air-conditioned and we don’t need sunscreen. We already had some old squash racquets, safety goggles, and a few “championship” level balls lying around.

But none of us had “squash shoes” or any type “court shoes” for that matter. Instead, we showed up in our OESH La Vidas.

The attendant pro loved them. She asked, “Are those new squash shoes?”

No kidding.

She proceeded, “They look exactly like what I’ve been saying all along how a squash shoe should be made. A flat heel for maximum lateral stability (compared to standard court shoes that have elevated heels) and a tread design that promotes traction, propulsion, and quick turns.”

Well I can’t say that I designed La Vida to be a “squash shoe” but it certainly does have all the qualities she was looking for.

Next came the “non-marking” test.

Like most sports facilities with pristine wood floors, she asks everyone who comes in, regardless of what type of shoes they have on, to kick back hard on their sole to purposefully try and mark the floor. I know that most running shoes leave a nasty skid mark and thus are not allowed. But the pro said that a lot of other athletic shoes, even some that claim a “non-marking sole” will fail this test and mark up the floors. She showed us all the marks left by “non-marking” shoe soles.

Well, I know that La Vida truly is non-marking. Because I know exactly what is inside (and what is NOT inside) the sole. We kick back as hard as we can. And of course, no marks.

She was beyond ecstatic. “Oh my gosh, they really ARE the perfect squash shoes.”

So be it. We’ve been wearing our La Vidas to play squash. And what do we think? Each one of us can honestly say, they’re the best court shoes we’ve ever worn. (By the way, we really do enjoy the sport.)

If you’ve been wearing your La Vida’s to play squash or any other court sport, please let us know!


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