How to Adjust your OESH Sandals

OESH Athena, Artemis, Ares, and Apollo Sandals are all very adjustable,

so that you can have a perfect fit.

All of the OESH sandals have a continuous front strap, whether it wraps around your big toe or not. This front strap slides through the slots in the 3D printed sole, and can be made tighter or looser just for your foot. Once your straps are adjusted the first time, they should hold the correct adjustment for your foot so that you only have to use the buckle and black pull strap to quickly and easily get in and out of your sandals.

Here is a step by step guide to adjust your Artemis or Apollo Sandals. For Athena or Ares sandals, you should be able to follow along, skipping the toe strap steps. At the end of this post, there is a link to a PDF with adjustment instructions.



Step 1:

Loosen your sandal by pulling the straps through the slots and pulling up on the buckle to loosen the pull strap as far as it will go. Give your foot plenty of room to easily get into the sandal.






Step 2:

Slide your foot into the sandal, pulling the straps to make more room as needed.







Step 3:

To tighten the strap that runs under the pull strap, pull up on the strap that crosses your toes.





Step 4:

To tighten the strap that crosses all of your toes, pull up on the strap that crosses just your big toe.

(If you have Athena or Ares sandals you can skip to step 5 to tighten the strap that crosses your toes.)





Step 5:

To tighten the strap over your big toe, pull up on the top strap, connected to the buckle.





Step 6:

Finally, pull back and down on the pull strap.







Step 7:

Your straps should be tight enough to keep your foot in place, but loose enough to be comfortable.




Step 8:
To get out of your sandals, pull up on the buckle to loosen the pull strap and slide out. Once your sandals are adjusted, just use the buckle and pull strap to get in and out.





A note on extra pull strap length:

We recommend having a reasonable amount of extra length on your pull strap when your sandals are adjusted. If your sandals fit best with the buckle at the very end or the very beginning of the pull strap, we recommend you consider ordering a custom strap length instead of a stock size. It is good to have the option to tighten or loosen your straps just in case. For example, when I’m wearing my Artemis Sandals in the river, I like to tighten my straps more than I do when walking around town. Also, just the other day I was stung by a bee on my foot (ouch!), and I was able to loosen my strap to make room for my swollen foot.

If your pull strap hangs on the ground, you can let it be (you won’t trip), tie it in a knot to shorten it, or use a small rubber band to hold it in a small roll.


Click here for a PDF of all sandal types: OESH Sandal Strap Adjustment

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