Please help us welcome the Lea

to OESH’s collection of high performing, uniquely comfortable shoes for women!


If you are already a fan of OESH’s luxuriously comfortable sneakers and sandals, just wait until you try on the Lea! A lot of the same features you already love in the La Vida v3.0 are also in the Lea. It is ultra light weight, has a great fit, and doesn’t use any toxic overlays.  Like all OESH shoes, the Lea is fit to the distinct shape of a woman’s foot, and features a spacious forefoot and toe area combined with a soft and deep heel.

The Lea has all the best features of OESH Shoes, but what’s NEW?


Lea Grapefruit OESH Shoes Sneaker

Lea Grapefruit

The OESH® Zero-360 Sole takes the classic OESH sole to the next level. Like the name suggests, the Zero-360 sole is flat in all directions, which allows your foot to spread out and act naturally. The Lea sole responds to your natural posture and movement with a healthy, buoyant, compliance and now with even more of the gentle spring in the footbed.



The vibrant uppers are machine knit to be as breathable and flexible as possible. Plus, they are seriously stylish.  The Lea is available in two bold colors: Grapefruit, a mix of orange and pink with a pop of yellow, and Storm Cloud, heathered greys with a splash of sky blue.


Lea Storm Cloud OESH Shoes Sneaker

Lea Storm Cloud

The Leas are so comfortable and so versatile, you will never want to take them off!

One OESHer compared them to their Artemis sandals, saying “the sandals feel like walking on a cloud, and these feel like wrapping my feet in a duvet!”  Needless to say, OESHers already love the Lea, and we think you will too.



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