Townie 3D Printed Flat by OESH

We are extremely excited to introduce our newest shoe, the Townie Flat!

If you like our sandals you’ll love the 3D Printed Townie!

townie flat diagramThe Townie Flat is made entirely in our Charlottesville, VA factory with 3D printing and 3D knitting.

We developed our 3D printers specifically for fabricating shoes based on Dr. Kerrigan’s research with help from a NSF grant, and make the printers entirely in house. Our proprietary patent pending 3D Printing process creates springy soles and soft grip heel pieces.

townie couple

In November we got a CNC knitting machine. Since then, we have been working on knit uppers non stop. The result merges Technology and Wellness into a Perfect Shoe.

Much like our Dream Flat we’re launching the Townie on Indiegogo first to gain a little extra  momentum for pre-orders. Order a perk on our Indiegogo campaign page to be one of the first OESHers to receive their flats.

Visit our Indiegogo Campaign at

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