Mask Adjusters

We are so grateful for our OESHers supporting us in making much needed masks and mask adjusters for our community. Already, we have distributed hundreds of masks to front-line workers, including first responders, nursing home staff, and homeless shelter staff, as well as doctors and nurses.

To show our gratitude, we will be sending out some of our 3D printed mask adjusters with shoe orders. We have heard from healthcare workers that these mask adjusters are especially helpful to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for any mask with ear loops. As we are now all wearing masks any time we go in indoor public places, we wanted to share these helpful tools with our OESHers. Wearing a mask protects the people around us and helps our communities stay healthy.

mask adjusters

Our 3D printed mask adjuster can be used with any mask with ear loops. 3-ply medical masks, homemade masks with elastic ear loops, and KN95s have all been used with our adjusters. To use, just hook the ear loops around the notches of the adjuster at a length that feels comfortable. If you don’t need it, maybe you know someone who could use it!



Pro tip: Try placing the mask adjuster up on the crown of your head. This can help it stay in place and prevent it from slipping down. The best position for you is one where you won’t have to readjust or mess with it.

Don’t think we forgot about shoes! We have a couple of new fun designs planned for this summer, including a Rose Quartz Flatform and a new style the all 3D printed Bungalow! We also have Athena and Artemis sandals with black, Glacier, or Rose Quartz soles, which are perfect for neighborhood walks.


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