• Yoga, Shoes and Hip Flexibility

    OESH intern, Kellyn, practices yoga in front of the waterjet saw We’ve started hosting some OESH Yoga Shoe tours this summer! Kathy Graham, an OESHer and a registered yoga alliance teacher, will be bringing her second yoga class up from Bedford, Virginia to our factory in Charlottesville this week. Like her previous class of students, [...] Continue Reading
  • A Peek into the Athena Sole – It’s like Honey

    Here is what the inside of an Athena sole looks like, pictured in black instead of green. All those little honeycomb spring structures can only be made with 3D printing. Pretty neat, right? OESH Shoes 3D Printed Honeycomb Spring Infill Continue Reading
  • An electrifying week at OESH: Blowing a Fuse

    So this happened at OESH this week: We blew a fuse at OESH. Well, actually, we didn’t blow a fuse. An exuberant vine on one of our power line poles blew a fuse. It was a fuse for one of the three transformers for our 480 volt line that went kapooey. That meant all of our 480 volt machinery […]

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  • Make it in America – The book that caught our eye.

    This is the first book that caught my eye as I randomly wandered a random section of our public library. Last time I did this, the first book that caught my eye was a book on deep fried insects. The book is titled: Make it in America and incase you’re interested, we found it online here. Now THIS one […]

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  • This is Better than Foam

      We’ve been using a specially developed cellular elastomeric material in all our OESH shoe soles for several years now. And now we’re 3D printing that material into our Athena sandals. The material is much more expensive than traditional foam used in shoes soles. Moreover, the process to make shoe soles with this material is much more complex. There was a research article in the […]

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  • STEP AHEAD – Women manufacturers rock

      It would seem that the “STEP Ahead” Award that I got last week, along with 129 other amazing women, would have something to do with making shoes. Well, it does, but not in the way that you think. STEP stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Production” and last week, we were each awarded the 2016 STEP […]

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  • It’s all “foot” business in Charlottesville

    If you are a lover of business news, we have one for you, oh and what a nice piece!  Featured in  the Charlottesville Daily Progress Business Journal, you can read the full article by clicking the link below. . Thank you so much Allison Wrabel for telling our OESH story! http://www.dailyprogress.com/news/business/cbj/redesigned-soles-put-a-spring-into-steps/article_77b76fba-e43e-5d29-aa20-ce44a53ac354.html

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  • Women’s Rights

    So proud. That’s my Jayme protesting for women’s rights with fellow Oxonians at Yarl’s Wood Detention Center in England.

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  • 10 Simple things that apply not just to runners . . .

    PUT YOUR RIGHT FOOT FORWARD FOR 2016- 10 SIMPLE THINGS | Natural Running Center To a Happy and Healthy New Year! Our friend, Mark Cucuzzella, over at Natural Running Center, offers 10 simple things that apply not just to runners, for a healthy 2016. Shop OESH for a great running shoe!

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  • OESH’s Dr. Kerrigan Featured in ‘How to Become a Product Designer’

    Autodesk–the world’s leader in 3D Design, Engineering, Architectural, and Entertainment software–today published this wonderful article by Matt Alderton about OESH. This feature appears in the “Success Stories” tab of their Line//Shape//Space online magazine, entitled How to Become a Product Designer OESH has had several excellent articles written about our unique successes, but today’s  might be […]

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