Adjust our Patterns to Fit YOU

Everyone's feet are different!

Do you have slightly narrow feet? Just taper the lines in a size!
Or wide feet? Try pulling the lines out a size! (example below)
Maybe you have a high arch? Pull the lines out just near the opening!
The OESH Create Sole makes adjustments and re-do’s super simple! Unlike a typical shoe that requires permanently gluing the upper to the sole, with the OESH Create, you can change out the upper as many times as you’d like. In fact, you might experiment with a fabric first, cutting it without the seam allowance and stitching it on to the Sole to assess the look and fit so as to make whatever pattern changes you’d like
The pattern below includes sizes 6-13 overlaid, to serve as a template or guideline for you to sketch on top of to make your own pattern based on your individual foot shape. For example, if you have a wide or narrow foot, you can simply taper in or out the sides a size or two per the examples below. As you adjust the curves, keep the holes in line with the existing hole lines, staying 5 millimeters from the edge as shown below

Get Creative!

Use our patterns as a base, then add your own style

Try anything, from altering the pattern to adding embroidery!
Please share your ideas and questions with the OESH Create Community Forum
Freely sketch over any OESH Create Pattern and express your own style endlessly! Below are the PDF Patterns for each style
To make sure your two sides are symmetrical, we recommend cutting out one side then flipping over the cut out and tracing your cut out onto the other side of the pattern