Bringing 3D Printed Shoes and a Healthy Lifestyle to Instagram

OESH shoes is now on Instagram! Follow us @oeshshoes to see OESH shoes in action, as well as to hear about new styles and updates from the factory.

Live in color, live in OESH #OESHlife #rainbow

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We always love to see our #OESHers in action! If you have an instagram account, here are some hashtags to use so that we can find you:


The OESH life is all about being happy and healthy. We use #OESHlife to tag photos representing the day to day and life’s little pleasures that we experience while wearing OESH shoes. We also like to use this hashtag to show our customers a little peek into our work at the factory and to share a little about the people who make OESH shoes.


OESH are great for all kinds of activities and sports! The simple design of OESH shoes makes them ideal for all kinds of ways to stay active and fit. Examples of what OESHers do in their Athena Sandals and LaVida Sneakers include: running, zumba, lacross, fly fishing, crossfit, gardening, hiking, squash, and many more!

Love to travel? OESH shoes are great walking shoes for exploring everywhere from big cities to back country. OESHers live all around the world, so there’s plenty of opportunities for new examples of #wherewillOESHtakeyou. Some places featured on our instagram so far include: Berlin, Victoria Falls, Philadelphia, and Greyrock Mountain in Colorado. Can we get OESHers to take photos of #wherewillOESHtakeyou on every continent? Antarctica might be a little cold for La Vidas, so make sure to layer up your wool socks.

Laxin' and Relaxin' in OESH #howdoyouOESH #lacrosse #OESHlife

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OESH Shoes is Awarded Grant from the National Science Foundation to Develop Pellet-based 3D Printers!

OESH Shoes has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation in partnership with Dojo Research & Consulting to develop a pellet-based extrusion process for 3D printers used in shoe manufacturing.

Pellet printer research has the potential to increase the use of 3D printers in manufacturing. This would make 3D printing shoes at a local scale a reality and allow shoe production to shift back to the US from overseas. Innovations in 3D printing increase the ability to customize shoe soles and create designs that are unable to be manufactured with any other existing manufacturing processes.Screen Grab Printers

OESH founder Dr. Casey Kerrigan reacted to being awarded the grant saying, “We’re honored that the National Science Foundation has recognized our work innovating new shoe design and manufacturing processes.”

3D printed Athena Sandals are currently being sold online at or at the factory on Saturdays. The OESH factory, 705 Dale Ave, Suite E, Charlottesville VA 22903, is open to the customers on Saturdays from 10am-3pm.

Download or Print Press Release Here

Congratulations to OESH Shoes for Winning SBIR Funding from the National Science Foundation!


OESH Article in The Daily Progress

Have you read the article about OESH in the Daily Progress, yet? In April, Allison Wrabel wrote a great article about OESH for the Daily Progress with photos by Andrew Shurtleff.

This article is a must read for life-long OESHers and newbies alike.

Here is a link read it on the Daily Progress’ website:

Redesigned Soles put a Spring into Steps

Photo by Andrew Shurtleff/The Daily Progress


Think Pink with Bubblegum Athena Sandals

Oesh - 3D printed shoes - Athena Sandals - Bubblegum

Everyone is loving the Bubblegum Athena Sandals this summer! The bright pink straps are sure to make a statement whether you’re wading in a river, picking up groceries at the farmers’ market, or exploring a new city.

All colors of the Athena Sandal are great for wherever this summer takes you. Where do you wear your Athenas?

Summer is Here at OESH!


Hello OESHers! I’m Maggie, and my fellow intern Emma and I are super excited to be working at OESH this summer!

This afternoon, after working on computers all morning, we tightened the straps on our Athena sandals and hopped down to the Rivanna River to take some photos and get some fresh air. After weeks of rain, it felt great to be out in the sunshine, and the sun was great for taking pictures, too! The photo above is my favorite from today, a pair of maroon Athena sandals in their natural environment. We got a little muddy traipsing through the river, but we rinsed off our sandals in the water and the Charlottesville summer heat quickly dried us off.

We’ll be here all summer, so stay tuned for more photos and possibly some new designs! I hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start!


Women manufacturers rock!

The NAM's Manufacturing Institute's 2016 STEP Awards. Photo by David Bohrer.
2016 STEP Ahead Awardees. I’m towards the middle in a black blouse and red blazer. Photo courtesy of the National Association of Manufacturers.


It would seem that the “STEP Ahead” Award that I got last week, along with 129 other amazing women, would have something to do with making shoes. Well, it does, but not in the way that you think. STEP stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Production” and last week, we were each awarded the 2016 STEP Ahead Award from the Manufacturing Institute in Washington DC. Over a two day celebration we were wined, dined, congratulated and thanked for all the science, technology, engineering, and production awesomeness that we do on a daily basis. Congress people told us how essential we are to the U.S. economy, creating wealth and community and serving as role models for young women and girls to pursue STEM and manufacturing careers. Many of us mentor young women in one way or another. In fact, it was a former mentee of mine, Grace Lefebure who nominated me for the award. Grace was the only woman in her mechanical engineering capstone class with me at OESH a number of years ago. She is now a hotshot engineer making airplane parts for Boeing in Seattle, who won the STEP Ahead Award last year. Thank you Grace!

Washington, DC, USA - April 21, 2016: National Association of Manufacturers STEP Ahead Awards presentation reception at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. Photo by Ian Wagreich
Me with the award. Yes, the award is a crystal shoe! Photo courtesy of the National Association of Manufacturers.


While I was the only honoree from the shoe industry, there were women from just about every other industry sector, all manufacturing one thing or another right here in the United States. We had much fun talking about injection molding and how to get grease off your clothes (you can’t, which is why you have to wear mostly black). We also talked a lot about coding and 3D printing. Everyone loved my hot pink 3D printed Athena Sandals!

Washington, DC, USA - April 20, 2016: National Association of Manufacturers STEP Ahead Reception at the J.W. Marriott Hotel. Photo by Ian Wagreich
I also won “Bingo” because I was the only one with a company that started with the letter “O.” Photo courtesy of the National Association of Manufacturers.


Before we parted, we each had to make a personal commitment as to how we would encourage more girls and women to pursue STEM and manufacturing careers. I promised that I will continue to host factory tours for students. The girls who come through the OESH factory are especially excited to see how we can make shoes using coding and 3D printing. There are very few shoe designers who are women and there are even fewer women who actually manufacture shoes. When girls see what we do here at OESH they can’t help but be inspired to roll up their sleeves and learn some code!

The award back home, proudly displayed on top of the injection molding machine…until it’s time for our next run.

Flavor of the Month: April


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Women’s Rights


So proud. That’s my Jayme protesting for women’s rights with fellow Oxonians at Yarl’s Wood Detention Center in England.

STEP Ahead – Women in Manufacturing


Dr. Kerrigan is being honored by the Manufacturing Institute with a 2016 STEP Ahead award.

The Manufacturing Institute launched the STEP Ahead initiative in 2012 to celebrate women in the manufacturing industry that are making a difference through advocacy, mentorship, engagement, promotion, and leadership. The STEP Ahead Awards highlight the achievements of real women in manufacturing on a national stage with a formal gala to celebrate their accomplishments.

OESH Shoes once again leads the way!