The Best Travel Shoes

Great for everything, especially travel

Our OESHers tell us about all kinds of activities they love doing while wearing OESH. We’ve heard almost everything- prancersize, rock climbing, organ playing, even surgery! But one thing we hear a lot is that OESH shoes are the BEST travel shoes. We have even had more than one local OESHer pick up a pair from the factory practically on their way to the airport. It’s no surprise that OESH are a favorite for travel since all OESH footwear are uniquely comfortable, lightweight for easy packing, and feature incredibly versatile styles.

Designed with a focus on published human movement research, all OESH footwear feature a flat springy sole and wide forefoot and toe-box. No contouring on the foot-bed means no extra forces on your joints. We save the dramatic topography for landscapes, and leave it out of our shoes.


OESH Travel Shoes Recommendations

Charcoal La Vida v3.0

The monochrome neutrals of the La Vida v3.0 separates their look from other athletic styles, while still giving you the support you need for a full day of serious activity. This flagship model is built for serious running or hiking, but is flexible enough for whatever floats your vacation boat.


Wineberry Artemis

Perfect for the city or a day on the water, the Artemis and Athena sandals are flexible and secure. The 3D printed sandal soles give you a lot of spring, and the 9 strap colors and 2 sole colors give you plenty of room to express your style. Read more about what makes them the perfect summer sandal on Blueridge Outdoors.


OESH Dream Flat

And of course- the Dream

Who could resist having the same springy sole and natural shape as our athletic styles with all the grace of a simple ballet flat? Currently available in 3 colors- Essential Black, Ruby Red, and Heather Grey. The Dream is available for pre-order now on Indiegogo.




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