The consensus among my physician colleagues is that there’s no better time than now to be fit and healthy. And with more and more mandates and recommendations to stay home to help control the spread of the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, you may be wondering how you can exercise at home to stay fit.

Here are five great ways to exercise at home:


1. Use that treadmill! You know, that thing that you’ve been using as a clothes rack? If you have a treadmill, exercise bicycle, elliptical, rowing machine or any other type of aerobic exercise equipment lying around, now’s a great time to start using it! I’ve written in the past about treadmill training here and here.  My general advice for treadmill training applies to any type of aerobic exercise equipment.


2. Do jumping jacks. If you don’t know how to do them, this wikihow shows you how.


3. Do yoga. I’ve long been a proponent of yoga as you can read from this old blog post. If you don’t already have a routine or have never done yoga, you can check out programs that are offered online. We like “Yoga with Adrienne” where you can find lots of how-to videos.


4. Do a workout circuit that doesn’t require any equipment. I like this particular one which is on


5. Clean your house. Seriously! The amount of calories you burn while vacuuming, scrubbing and running around putting things away is VERY underrated. This wikihow tells you exactly how many calories you burn doing different housecleaning tasks as well as how to make it an official workout with a timer, music and everything.


That’s it! Find what works best for you and go at it.

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