The Warrior

We are so excited to share the Warrior, the newest OESH athletic shoe, with our OESHers! The Warrior combines all the healthy and comfortable features you’ve come to expect from OESH with a sleek look and new sustainable materials.

Innovative Materials

The knit Warrior upper blends Sorona® and TENCEL™, two plant-based renewable fibers.  Knitting the upper minimizes waste in the manufacturing process, and allows for a sock-like fit. The upper has no bulky padding, added stiffening pieces, or toxic foam fillers. Also, the hemp lined insole is naturally antimicrobial and has superior durability.

Most athletic soles combine many unnecessary parts, which creates a large carbon footprint just from manufacturing. Luckily, at OESH we know that sometimes simpler is better for you and better for the planet. The patented Warrior sole is just one thoughtfully designed piece, and attaches to the upper without any VOC adhesives.

Classic OESH Fit

OESH shoes will always have the classic OESH fit, based on research and designed to better fit women’s feet. The Warrior is no exception. It has none of the traditional features that cause negative effects on your body, such as side to side contouring and arch support that limits your foot’s natural movement. With a wide forefoot and narrow heel, the Warrior is shaped fit your foot with out restricting it. The all-in-one sole is springy underfoot, while thin and flexible enough to move with you. As always, the sole is zero-drop, which allows for better stability and doesn’t increase the joint torque forces on the rest of your body like traditional athletic shoes.

Shop the Warrior 

The Warrior is available in 3 colorways, Midnight, Zinc, and OESH Blue, in US women’s sizes 6-13. Due to high demand, supply chain delays caused by the covid-19 pandemic, and our response to the crisis, the first shipment is already sold out of most sizes. However, Pre-orders are now open for our second round of manufacturing!