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  • Yoga, Shoes and Hip Flexibility

    OESH intern, Kellyn, practices yoga in front of the waterjet saw We’ve started hosting some OESH Yoga Shoe tours this summer! Kathy Graham, an OESHer and a registered yoga alliance teacher, will be bringing her second yoga class up from Bedford, Virginia to our factory in Charlottesville this week. Like her previous class of students, [...] Continue Reading
  • A Peek into the Athena Sole – It’s like Honey

    Here is what the inside of an Athena sole looks like, pictured in black instead of green. All those little honeycomb spring structures can only be made with 3D printing. Pretty neat, right? OESH Shoes 3D Printed Honeycomb Spring Infill Continue Reading
  • OESH Goes to the National Science Foundation

    We’re in Arlington, Virginia, presenting to the National Science Foundation who recently funded our work to track gait parameters inside of shoes.  Below is our presenting team; Bill Hill, Brad Bennett, and me. Our first Power Point slide was that of our research team (or at least a portion of our team) in the OESH Factory. Left to right: Jackey Gong, Shannon […]

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  • My Two-Minute Yoga Routine

    As we age, we lose a certain amount of hip extension range during walking. By hip extension range, I mean the amount that our hip extends backward during walking. That may not sound too surprising. Don’t we lose, as we get older, a certain amount of range in ALL of our joints during walking? Well, […]

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  • The Beauty of OESH Revealed in a Winter Wonderland

    Walking outside to feed the geese and ducks this morning, I had to laugh as I was crunching through the snow. We’ve had enough weather variance to make the top surface able to bear the weight of the fowl. However, as I made my way around the yard I couldn’t help but to try and […]

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  • National Science Foundation Grant to Further OESH Research

    …and make OESH Shoes even more awesome (if that were even possible). What makes OESH unique is that everything we do is driven by medical and biomechanical research. Not just research that we know about; research that my colleagues and I do. Which is one reason we are one of the most awesome shoe companies […]

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  • Why Clogs are Even Worse for your Knees than High Heels

    (OESH Shoes our quest to always provide you beautiful footwear options driven by peer-reviewed Medical Science, as you read this post, be mindful that OESH produced the OESH Salon style line--a fabulous clog with a distinctly soft and comfy knitted upper--to specifically address the void in the marketplace for a healthy, functional option for this timeless [...] Continue Reading
  • The Juiciest Scientific Article I’ve Ever Written

    The National Library of Medicine is the best resource to find out what scientific articles a certain individual has ever published. For example, to see what I've published, you type in my last name, Kerrigan, followed by my initials, dc, and up will pop a list of most every peer-reviewed scientific article I've ever published, including [...] Continue Reading
  • treadmill training tips Happy New Year, Happy Treadmill!

    Last New Year’s I wrote a post entitled My Scientific/Personal Advice for Running on a Treadmill. That advice is based on my years of research studying gait as well as my own personal advice, having logged many a mile on a treadmill. Whether or not you are contemplating the inclusion of a treadmill in your New Year’s Resolutions, […]

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  • Merry Christmas from OESH

    It’s been a busy year at OESH and by all accounts, will be utterly insane next year. Early this year, our La Vida v 2.0 took legs (literally) with a few blog posts that went viral, some really nice media coverage, and a new report from the American College of Sports Medicine that the ideal […]

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