Monthly Archives: February 2012

Better than a pile of old magazines

Here’s a picture of one of the walls of the entry into the OESH factory. Surrounding the map are some of my peer-reviewed original research articles. The ones that wouldn’t fit on the wall are in that blue binder behind … Continue reading

She Knows now knows that OESH knows best

Gerri Ward of the comprehensive women’s news website, just posted a wonderful article on the She Knows Beauty & Style page entitled Sins of a sensuous sole. Subtitled with the rhetorical How dangerous are your heels? Gerri’s interview with … Continue reading

Make way for sandals

We’re getting really close on that sandal design. In time for the warm weather, I promise. To all you OESHers in Australia – I’m sorry we couldn’t get this done six months sooner. We’re making not just the carbon fiber … Continue reading

OESH visits Prague’s Charles Bridge–Dobry den!

Now more than 650 years old, the magnificent Charles Bridge was the scene of a recent excursion by Tremendous OESHer Jean McCarthy. Able to withstand every conceivable river issue through the centuries, it is rumored that the mortar within the … Continue reading

OESH featured on CBS 19 Television

Very cool segment about OESH on Charlottesville’s CBS 19 earlier tonight! See for yourself…Casey sounded fantabulous. But who was that guy wearing a Pepe Le Pew t-shirt? The video is here: And the full news story here: Onward!

More Manufacturing in the USA

The last few weeks I’ve been digging in to how we might be able to make the outsole and the lining above the carbon fiber cantilevers here in the U.S. Currently those parts are being made in China. The factories … Continue reading