• It’s all “foot” business in Charlottesville

    If you are a lover of business news, we have one for you, oh and what a nice piece!  Featured in  the Charlottesville Daily Progress Business Journal, you can read the full article by clicking the link below. . Thank you so much Allison Wrabel for telling our OESH story! http://www.dailyprogress.com/news/business/cbj/redesigned-soles-put-a-spring-into-steps/article_77b76fba-e43e-5d29-aa20-ce44a53ac354.html

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  • OESH’s Dr. Kerrigan Featured in ‘How to Become a Product Designer’

    Autodesk–the world’s leader in 3D Design, Engineering, Architectural, and Entertainment software–today published this wonderful article by Matt Alderton about OESH. This feature appears in the “Success Stories” tab of their Line//Shape//Space online magazine, entitled How to Become a Product Designer OESH has had several excellent articles written about our unique successes, but today’s  might be […]

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  • My Two-Minute Yoga Routine

    As we age, we lose a certain amount of hip extension range during walking. By hip extension range, I mean the amount that our hip extends backward during walking. That may not sound too surprising. Don’t we lose, as we get older, a certain amount of range in ALL of our joints during walking? Well, […]

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  • Why Clogs are Even Worse for your Knees than High Heels

    (OESH Shoes update...in our quest to always provide you beautiful footwear options driven by peer-reviewed Medical Science, as you read this post, be mindful that OESH produced the OESH Salon style line--a fabulous clog with a distinctly soft and comfy knitted upper--to specifically address the void in the marketplace for a healthy, functional option for this timeless [...] Continue Reading
  • The Juiciest Scientific Article I’ve Ever Written

    The National Library of Medicine is the best resource to find out what scientific articles a certain individual has ever published. For example, to see what I've published, you type in my last name, Kerrigan, followed by my initials, dc, and up will pop a list of most every peer-reviewed scientific article I've ever published, including [...] Continue Reading
  • treadmill training tips Happy New Year, Happy Treadmill!

    Last New Year’s I wrote a post entitled My Scientific/Personal Advice for Running on a Treadmill. That advice is based on my years of research studying gait as well as my own personal advice, having logged many a mile on a treadmill. Whether or not you are contemplating the inclusion of a treadmill in your New Year’s Resolutions, […]

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  • Healthy by Design: Building Better Shoes Based on Research

    I just got back from an amazing Autodesk conference in Las Vegas and am leaving tonight for the Netherlands via Oxford, England (where I will get a chance to see Jayme). I was invited to give a lecture at “SLEM”, an international innovation and education institute for footwear, located in Wallwijk, in the south of the Netherlands. “SLEM” is an […]

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  • The Science of Yoga

    Yesterday, I did a yoga session with a friend at the Charlottesville Hot Yoga Studio, which is just around the corner from the OESH factory. The 90 minute session was terrific in all aspects, including making me think about the biomechanics of the poses we did. Every day, I do a modified Warrior Pose/Lunge Exercise, as I demonstrate above and […]

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  • Out to Lunge: An Exercise Worth Doing

    Which of the thousands of stretching and strengthening exercises out there should you make a habit of doing every day? It’s important to know that very few targeted type exercises have ever been studied scientifically. Meanwhile, there just isn’t enough time in the day to do more than a handful of them. I’m fairly active. […]

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  • Are you exercising? Talk to your physician!

    My medical specialty (physical medicine and rehabilitation) has always attracted the jocks in medical school who not only appreciate exercise, but LOVE talking to their patients about it. Now more than ever, I see just about every type of physician, not just physiatrists (physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation), actively advocating exercise through organizations such as The American College of Sports […]

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