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Physician Recommended Best Zumba Shoe: OESH

I recently was introduced to Zumba by OESHer, Ann Mangino, a Zumba expert and enthusiast who does Zumba as her go-to everyday workout. Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program created by dancer Alberto Perez in Colombia during the 1990s who … Continue reading

Stress Fractures in Running

Pete Larson who writes a terrific, informative blog on all things running, asked me to put together a post on stress fractures in barefoot runners, which he posted here. In that article I talk specifically about second metatarsal fractures though what … Continue reading

OESH can bless the rains down in Africa

One of our favorite people here at hq is Remarkable OESHer Carrie Lane. Carrie has been involved in coaching elite (D-1 and the occasional legendary Olympian) throwers for a few years at the University of Virginia. She is probably the … Continue reading

Toner Shoes

My friend Bill Katovsky over at Zero Drop asked me to comment on this New York Times article published today that basically lambasted toner shoes. The article starts by discussing a recent study showing that toning shoes really don’t burn more calories … Continue reading

Guest Post by Paul Ingraham: Do something! Anything!

I’m underwhelmed by all the “cures” out there for chronic aches and pains. But there is, and always has been, that one thing that really does work… exercise. I asked Paul Ingraham, a health science journalist and copyeditor for … Continue reading

Brand New…introducing the NRC

Too Cool. We learned yesterday that some extremely intelligent and thoughtful professionals were launching a fabulous new site named the Natural Running Center at The NRC promises to be a superb resource, central to the sophisticated give-and-take presently growing … Continue reading

Not a waffle iron

The innards of one of the press irons used in our OESH Factory here in Virginia, U.S.A. to make the midsole.  These irons are used to shape and cure large sections of carbon fiber after they have been wound and … Continue reading

How athletic shoes go from bad to worse

There was a recent thread in a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (my medical specialty) forum about how many miles someone should run or walk in a pair of athletic shoes before getting a new pair. It was cited that the … Continue reading