Monthly Archives: March 2012

Made in America: OESH’s New CNC Milling Machine gets corner office

Our new CNC milling machine arrived and with the help of our good neighbors at Quality Welding, we got it safely off the truck and into its position in its “corner office” here at OESH. Thank you, Quality Welding! Me, … Continue reading

OESH wins SHAPE Magazine Shoe Award–Best for Everyday Wear!!!

This has been a banner month for OESH. Joining other elite publications in noting our ever-widening influence with a superior footwear choice, the April, 2012 SHAPE Magazine cover promotes SHAPE TESTED The Best New Sneakers, a story which awards 14 … Continue reading

Capturing those firsts

Capturing “firsts” is frequently an art form. For example, this week I failed to capture a picture of our youngest daughter Zoe, on stage at her school play. But I have succeeded in capturing some awesome firsts. This is of … Continue reading

Out with the old nursing shoes

In preparing a lecture that I will give at the end of the month, I came across an old picture that I’ve used in lectures past, to talk about women’s “professional dress” shoes. As I recall, this picture came from … Continue reading

Runner’s World Magazine shows love to OESH–Doesn’t everyone’s basement have a chop saw?

The April 2012 issue of Runner’s World brings OESH to their massive audience with both a photo of Casey AND a two paragraph note. The picture was taken back in the days before the factory…this is the chop saw in … Continue reading